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Pivovarský dvůr Chýně

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The first Czech Brewery restaurant “Pivovarský Dvůr” was opened in the autumn of 1992. The entire premises which house the brewery and restaurant were once part of the farm buildings of the monastery. The beer is produced using the renowned Czech process with the use of traditional ingredients, i.e. malt, hops and water.

Opening hours

January – December

Whole week
11.00 – 23.00

All the beers on offer are served as a so-called ‘unfiltered yeast’, i.e. slightly cloudy, and they are pulled directly from the lager tank.

To go with your beer, you may order from a diverse menu of snacks. Hot meals are based on traditional home cooking, predominantly meat dishes and Czech classics.

Beers on offer: draught light, special dark. Beer specials are regularly on offer

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