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Visitors centre Staropramen (Návštěvnické centrum Staropramen)

An audiovisual interactive walk down the ages, which reveals the unique story hidden behind the brand name Staropramen. There are many interesting things to see from the original brewery – such as the original brewery brew-kettle or the distribution truck from the 1930s. 16 large screens are located in the historical building, providing the visitor with a detailed insight into the beer brewing process.

Visitors centre Staropramen (Návštěvnické centrum Staropramen), Pivovarská 9, Praha 5 - Smíchov, 15000
tel.: +420273132589

Opening hours

January – December

Whole week
10.00 – 18.00

Entrance fee


199 CZK


169 CZK


449 CZK

Tours for groups of max. 35 persons take approximately 1 hour, including beer tasting.

Naturally the Visitors Centre can be used for special events, with its capacity of up to 150 guests and a wide range of catering services on offer.

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