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Prague is, simply put, a beer lover’s paradise. While the pale lager - or pilsner - is still king, variety now thrives and many different kinds of beer are brewed here. There are 28 breweries and brewpubs in Prague, plus dozens of beer bars, sampler pubs, and beer-centric restaurants. Expertly run beer shops make it easy to pick up a unique, local present to take home. For this searchable database, we have selected businesses that exemplify the finest of the Czech beer tradition and reflect its ongoing renaissance. From homey to trendy, from traditional to modern: cheers!

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  • Holešovice Farmers Market

    The largest year-round market in Prague offering a wide selection of products from Czech…

  • Mini Beer Festival at Náplavka 2017

    Mini Beer at Náplavka - a festival of small-scale and mini breweries.Join us on Friday and…

  • The Czech Beer Days

    Celebration of the Czech beer!The aim of this event is to create a new national tradition of…

  • Náplavka Farmers Market

    Unique local colour, a relaxed atmosphere and the calmly flowing Vltava River make this…

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